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2504 PSX24W LED Switchback Bulbs Fog Lights, 6K White/3K Yellow

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About this item

High performance PG20-7 base 12276 2504 PSX24W LED switchback bulbs, best fog lights/replacement, dual color 6K xenon white and 3K yellow easy switch. This 2504 PSX24W LED bulbs are used to upgrade OEM dim halogen, HID, damaged headlamps, fog lights, DRL(daytime running lights) bulbs for better vision, luxury and safer driving.

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Polarity Sensitive

Optional Colors

PG20-7 wedge base 12276 2504 PSX24W LED switchback bulbs fog lights/headlights replacement, 6000K xenon white/3000K amber yellow color changing from Alla Lighting. this 2504 PSX24W LED bulbs replacement upgrade dim halogen or incandescent or damaged low beam headlights, fog lights, DRL (daytime running lights), cornering lights bulbs for automotive cars, trucks, motorcycles for visions, safety and luxury improvement.

For most vehicles, just plug and play, easy installation. CAN-Bus Error Free.

Performance 2504 PSX24W LED Switchback Bulbs Fog Lights White Yellow

  • Features

  • Packages: Includes one pair (2pcs) CSP vision 2504 PSX24W LED switchback bulbs fog lights/headlights 6K white/3K yellow switch replacement for cars, trucks, SUVs, vans for better vision and safer driving.
  • LED Chips: Each 12276 2504 PSX24W LED switchback bulb is equipped with 12pcs high power, high illumination and high performance LGCSP SMD chipsets.
  • Easy fitment: For most vehicles, CANBUS error free design, plug-n-play, easy installation.
  • Features: Dual Color Switchback: 6000K xenon White and 3200K golden amber yellow, just simple turn on/off and on again to switch the color you need. The default color is white light when starts, with a simple on-off-on toggle of your headlights switch to change the light from 6K cool white to 3K warm yellow light.
  • Light Output: Each 2504 PSX24W LED switchback bulb light up to 4000 lumens, total 8000 lumens for both 2504 PSX24W LED switchback bulbs.
  • Cross reference number: 2504, PSX24W, 12276, etc.
  • Applications: Used for replacing OEM dim halogen/incandescent or damaged 2504 PSX24W headlights, fog lights lamps for better vision and safer driving.
  • Lifespan: More than 30,000hrs in 25°C ambient. 
  • Specifications

Raw Lumens


Optional Colors

Switch color 6K White/3K Yellow

Base Type




Adjustable Color


Adjustable Beam Pattern


Current Draw

2.4A (2400mA)

Power Consumption


Operating Voltage

9V~24 VDC


Polarity Sensitive




Light Efficacy

139 lm/w

Beam Angle

320 degree

LED Chip Type

High power LGCSP SMD

LED Chip Quantity

6pcs LEDs

Life Span

30, 000 hours


12 Months

Operating Temperature

-40~+80 °C (-40~+176 °F)

Cross Reference Number

2504, PSX24W, 12276

  • Warranty

Alla Lighting warrants that its LED Conversion Kits will be free from defects in material and workmanship for ONE year from the date of purchase by the Original Purchaser. This warranty does not apply to any products that have been subjected to misuse, mishandling, misapplication, neglect (including but not limited to improper maintenance), improper installation, act of nature, motor vehicle accidents or alterations.

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  • Package


  • One pair (2 pieces) CSP 2504/PSX24W LED switchback bulbs
  • Owner manual
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  • Vehicle Fitment

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Cesar L. (United States)
Vehicle's information: Jeep Wrangler JK 2013
Great product

They fit like a charm and look great.

Geoff A. (Canada)
Vehicle's information: 2016 JP Wrangler Sahara Unlimited

After upgrading the Headlights to KC H7's- the simple fog bulbs needed replacing. When I found these I was like yes!
On the #AwesomeEastCoast of Canada we have lots of fog. I have not had a chance to test the amber in rain or fog. The white shines almost as far as my low beams and probably 5 times farther then the halogen bulbs. Pastern spreads wide- Cannot tell yet about the light ceiling. Only met one vehicle and was not flashed. However the box does say for Off Road use only. I see other reviews complaining you have turn on/off to get back to colour you are one. Thats no big deal.
Seemed to me the 4 times I went from high to low when on Auto the color stayed the same. When lights were not on auto & I switched them- I had to cycle twice to get back to the color I was on. Down side- I had to tape the resistors to the wire harness on passenger side and to the vacuum canister line on the drivers side. Reason- my opinion there is alot of wire that could allow the resistor to bounce around and possible wear it out striking metal. Also will see about waterproofing. Not now as we head into winter, but summer 2022 for sure!

Samantha G.
Best led I ever bought!!

Its easy to install and have a excellent brightness. The change color its easy. The best led I have ever bought.

Dual color

Dual color is perfect. No more choosing between what color bulb to buy. Just get this and have both colors.
The picture right side (driver's side) factory bulb to show difference.

Easy to install

These were about as easy as you can get to install..just a few push pins and 1 bolt under the front bumper...reach in and they snap out and in easily..

Now...the yellow color is nice...everyone sees you which is good for safety...the yellow is easier on the eyes when in fog too..which allows you to see farther I found..

When switched to white..they are really white..and definately produce a decent amount of light...far more than those cheesey 35 watt bulbs that were there...and the originals are expensive and have that old halogen nasty yellowish color..

One the road...well the white and yellow leds cannot occupy the same spot on the board...so one set is just above the other set...so this changes the focal point where the light is thrown on the road..

So you'd think that was bad...but not in this case..the yellow light is thrown really low like a fog light should..and wide...the white is really bright and is higher like a driving light and is seriously wide too...I mean 100 feet into the backyards and woods wide..

It's incredible...that's what fog and driving lights should do...any animals are well lit before they hit the road..

The driving lights also go out in the distance reasonably well too..

These are a perfect fit for the Crosstrek OE light housings...about as good as you could ask an aftermarket bulb could do..

If this company makes any other lights in the future for the crosstrek or improve these I'd love to test them..

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