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Alla Lighting is short for Advanced LED Lights for Automotives.

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Riddle Caster

Riddle Caster

Feb 16, 2021

Great led lights. A little spendy, but they are good quality and bright.

Tom Wilhelm

Tom Wilhelm

Feb 14, 2021

Fast shipping. Great product and awesome tech support!

Robert Vonada

Robert Vonada

Feb 13, 2021

These lights are best ive used high and low beam, ive used them in Honda and Chevys. Alla ships fast too from CA to PA in 3 days

Andrew McCarl

Andrew McCarl

Feb 13, 2021

To be honest, I ordered online, but I've been very pleased with the LED lights that I've purchased for my vehicles.

Cary Harbater

Cary Harbater

Feb 12, 2021

Easy to navigate, fast shipping, enormous Selection, very bright, easy to install, very satisfied.

John Roggy

John Roggy

Feb 7, 2021

The H3 fog light bulbs that I ordered the work fantastic.They arrived when they said would. Thanks


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Vehicle's information: 2012 MB 350 ML (Blutec)
customer service

5 bars when in comes to customer service. response was lighting fast and their
solution was dead on. highly recommended!

Vehicle's information: 2006 Toyota Camry
LED Flasher Relay

This flasher relay was exactly what I needed, great product.


The lights arrived on time and well packaged. The lights are robust and made from quality materials. They were installed quickly and easily without any issues. They are bright; however, the only down side is that the fans come on when the lights light up to keep them cool. While this feature extends the life of the lights and keeps them cooler, they are very loud. Its a bit annoying, but other than that they are awesome! This is why there is a four star instead of five, but this should not deter you from your purchase as the lights are fantastic.

Vehicle's information: 2010 Honda CRV
6000K Xenon Replacement Bulbs, 2010 CRV

Bulbs worked great. Their video was helpful especially for the bulb nearest fuse box which had to be moved to the side. Wifey is happy with the light output now since her night vision has diminished some. Overall good experience with online shopping. Hopefully we'll have no issues and they will last a long time.

Vehicle's information: 2014 Chevy Camaro SS
Load resistors

These are great, could not be any happier with them. Direct fit, had no problems and work as they should!!!

Vehicle's information: 2005 Toyota prius
2nd gen Prius headlights

I had to go out and buy solderless Quick connectors. The spade clips on the wires on the LED leads, didn't fit factory wires, instruction didn't give example of how to wire. Could have been better for $80 bucks. Worked fine when figured out.

Vehicle's information: 2018 Jaguar F-Pace

I rated 4 stars ONLY because I thought they would be amber in color. They are more gold/yellow. All though not the color I expected.. They look freaking cool! Keeping them. GOOD LOOK. I installed them in my 2018 Jaguar F-Pace. They are keepers though, just which they were amber/ orange!

Vehicle's information: 2022 ram 1500 classic warlock
Great and bright

Got set of lights for my ram very easy and quick install

Vehicle's information: 1999 Toyota Corolla
Awesome Bulbs

Worked exactly as expected. MUCH brighter than stock.

Vehicle's information: 2019 Chevy Traverse
Psx24w 2504 LED fog lights

These are super bright fog lights. Installation was easygoing. My order was shipped and delivered in a timely manner! Would definitely recommend Alla lighting!

Vehicle's information: 1973 MGB

These LED lights make an enormous difference to the visibility of my MG!

Vehicle's information: 2006 Chevrolet Malibu
6000 lumens H11 led bulbs

These LED light bulbs are better than I expected. Amazing lighting in front of me, without blinding incoming traffic, specially at night on my way to work or even when cruising on back roads where there’s no street lights. As easy as 5-10 minutes of bulb installation.

Vehicle's information: Toyota Camry 2016

Work perfect 🤩

Vehicle's information: 2019 honda civic sport
Light bulbs

I live in the uk and had great fast service from alla lighting , the bulbs are top quality and would recommend alla lighting for sll your light bulbs

Vehicle's information: 2011 ford f150

The lights are so bright. It makes it easier to see when backing up

Vehicle's information: 2006 Honda civic
They're very bright

They are very bright. They definitely get hot which is something to consider. Balast placement should be taken into consideration as well, because they get hot too and they add extra bits you have to make room for.

Vehicle's information: 2017 Toyota camry

Product was shipped swiftly and came as advertised.. video instructions were very helpful

Vehicle's information: 2008 toyota prius
I love the new lights

I doordash and haven't been able to drive at night until I got my new lights from you guys there great

Vehicle's information: 1991 Mercedes 300E
Great lights..easily enhanced safety

Hey, want a light flamethrower that is not offensive to other drivers?. These puppies deliver safety...good office support, easy to make them work (..load resistors needed sometimes.) but plug and play for all the other needs...I needed these safety lights...ask me how I know...rear ended 3X..

Vehicle's information: 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel
Simple solution for a minor problem

The resistor solution is working just fine. No more light flickering.

Vehicle's information: 2018 Ford Explorer
Nice bright replacement lamps

So far so good with these lamps. Only issue with them so far is the mounting method The alignment ring to orient the lamp correctly can be positioned differently for optimum alignment with the optics. Unfortunately this is a press down and turn to unlock same as the press in to turn to lock the lamp in place.


These bulbs are incredible. backing up is now so much easier. I practically have backup lights as bright as headlights. Very happy!

Vehicle's information: 2000 Chevy Silverado
Great led light bulbs

lights are very bright, and the switchback worked awesome

Vehicle's information: 2023 Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Installed and worked perfect. No flicker and no errors. Flashes correctly. Brighter than the stock halogen bulbs and color is better as well.

Vehicle's information: 2017 honda Accord

Excellent excellent